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  • Company Update: 21/11/2021

    We think to be successful you have to be different, and by different this goes much deeper than just a brand… First to come will be our new luxury t-shirts. These will be made in the UK from the ground up, from the actual weaving and dying, to putting it together in London.
  • Trends for 2021

    2020 has seen the world change at an incredible pace, and with that, fashion has been forced to change too. After all, clothes are there to reflect...
  • Quarantine Routine

    This isn’t something that is set in stone though, you can change around your days if you please, but this gives you more structure and the ability to allocate specific times for specific things.

  • Happy Earth Day!

    Today marks the 50th global annual event in which we celebrate the planet we live on. And this year it has never been more important.
  • Where it's at...

    These are pressing times for starting up a company. In fact, despite 2008, I couldn't think of a worse time to start one in the last twenty years. For the many, this is enough to sit, wait, keep the start-up capital in a savings account and wait for it to all blow over. But that isn't the James Thursby way.
  • What is Pima cotton?

    Pima cotton is a higher-end material which is smooth to the touch, durable and wrinkle-resistant.
  • Sussing Out Sustainability

    The world is screwed… the ice caps are melting… countries are on fire. Basically, the world is broken. So, what can we do about it?