Company Update: 21/11/2021 – James Thursby Ltd

Company Update: 21/11/2021

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James Thursby has been really quiet… but that’s a lie.


In the summer we were supposed to have our t-shirts. By summer, I mean summer 2020. Sadly our manufacturer repeatedly let us down, until eventually we had enough and went back to the drawing board.


This caused us to get in contact with Make It British, a company that was started by an amazing person called Kate Hills who personally introduced us to a selection of amazing small suppliers based in the UK. On the one hand this has meant we have been slower to get our products out to you (which is more annoying for us than you… trust me) however, the products we will be introducing will be the best examples of British Clothing you can buy. By going for this approach we will not only be making James Thursby one of the most ethical clothing companies, but sustainable clothing companies too by keeping the carbon footprint low. Sadly a lot of smaller clothing companies go for the approach of: buy a bulk load of t-shirts, put their logo on the front, sell them for a mark up. However, we think to be successful you have to be different, and by different this goes much deeper than just a brand.


First to come will be our new luxury t-shirts. These will be made in the UK from the ground up, from the actual weaving and dying, to putting it together in London. From the samples we have, there really is nothing else like them. As well as t-shirts we are aiming to get shirts made asap, but there has been a hiccup with the supplier struggling with staffing shortages. We are ready for production so hopefully the wait won’t be much longer.


This has been far from plain sailing, but James Thursby is becoming more necessary than ever with its unique mission and even more unique products and brand. Thank you for the support, from our amazing followers to our fabulous customers.


Have any questions? Contact me on or slide into our DMs.




James, founder of James Thursby Ltd.