Trends for 2021 – James Thursby Ltd

Trends for 2021

2020 has seen the world change at an incredible pace, and with that, fashion has been forced to change too. After all, clothes are there to reflect our lifestyle.


With the likes of the revered Tom Ford having jumpers outsell suits, it explains our universal change in direction towards casual-wear rather than the formalwear that our fathers, and their fathers, would easily recognise. The growth of activewear, now appearing in almost every collection, and having more than just pride of place in most retailers tells a very similar story. You see, spending more time with just limited, if any, company has shown us what we are most comfortable in, and that is where 2021 will begin…comfortable clothing!


This by no means has to be the beginning of the end for high end luxury fashion. TikTok and Instagram have been making our world much smaller, allowing new trends to grow faster and new designers and independents to become successful overnight because a video went ‘viral’.


What does this mean for 2021? Largely it depends on COVID-19, and how and when our lives can go back to where they were a year ago. With us all still having to stay indoors, trends will continue to blow up like miniature eruptions as the latest social media post goes viral, and replaces the trend of the previous day. This is why I believe we have to opt for the opposite. Collections will have to embrace a balance between ethics, quality, and our taste for fast fashion and hyper consumerism. You can expect a cause behind the brand, giving the clothes meaning and a story (that is simple enough to be put into a 30 second video) rather than just an aesthetic.


Escapism and reinvention will also be important, with customers wanting to showcase to the world that they are back and promote their returned freedom. Feel good prints and vibrant colours will be a big part of 2021. They will most likely follow on from the 2020 trend of the versatile basics but have a new message and a completely different outlook to the ones that hung on our floor in Tier 4.


These changes have been running through my head because being small in size, James Thursby has the opportunity to still change tact. However, that would severely undermine the reason for creating James Thursby in the first place. We have ethics running through our core, not for a USP, and not for a TicTok post (we started long before that). Instead, we wanted a place to reflect where the industry should be around now (but sadly is not). Our products will be on trend, but our values will continue to look further forward. We aim for community, and that only works through being fair and standing up for what you believe. James Thursby is Ethical Luxury, an aesthetic that brings a modern understanding to classic British Techniques.