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What is Pima cotton?

The James Thursby team meetings are plagued with conversations about cotton. It makes a difference to the normal water-cooler nonsense of who would win in a fight between a duck-sized Borris Johnson or a Borris Johnson sized duck… well not really… but it is an issue that is far more mentally intensive than meets the mind's eye.

What is Pima Cotton?

Pima cotton was introduced through a manufacturer, who understood our mantra of quality and sustainability. And this is how it works.

Pima cotton is a higher-end material which is smooth to the touch, durable and wrinkle resistant. It lasts 50% longer than normal cotton, which means that fewer clothes get thrown away 50% less hypothetically. It works by the Pima cotton plant producing long strands of fibre, which are incredibly strong.

The issue with Pima cotton, there are too many fakes. However, our Pima cotton is real. Therefore you get 100% of the benefit. There is one way of testing it, if say you you are one of those overly sceptical types, just feel it… enough said.

Our mantra of quality and sustainability is pure and simple, by using suppliers that are skilled and amazing at what they do (we make sure they are treated and paid fairly of course) and the highest quality materials, this amazing material makes your clothes last longer and the planet as well.