Where it's at... – James Thursby Ltd

Where it's at...

These are pressing times for starting up a company. In fact, despite 2008, I couldn't think of a worse time to start one in the last twenty years. For the many, this is enough to sit, wait, keep the start-up capital in a savings account and wait for it to all blow over. But that isn't the James Thursby way.

A brand for many is a look, a face or a certain shade of dark green with gold writing over the front, but for us, the brand is much much more. The values that we stand for, the designs we want to create and the striving for our ambition of "A luxury British lifestyle brand which values quality and sustainability" can't, and shouldn't, wait.

Coronavirus, BREXIT, political unrest, you name it, this infant decade has already taken its toll on young companies and we have felt the strain already.

I made a promise when I started this company, to create an organisation fueled by values with the capability and ambition to challenge the ones without. Using ethical manufacturing and materials which didn't harm the environment or other people, prove that the status quo could be challenged. Transparency to where your products came from rather than covering up what can only be called crimes against humanity, organic cotton instead of covering landscapes with chemicals, Pima cotton to replace the t-shirts that only lasted a summer. These are principles that aren't designed to bamboozle, confuse or divert your attention, these are for us are normality. James Thursby is finding the best people for the job, our shirts are made in the UK because they are factories that make bloody good shirts and Asia for the t-shirts and caps because they are the best factories for the job. But. Everyone gets paid fairly. Everyone gets treated fairly. Otherwise what the hell is the point? It not 1870.

I never want you to think that this is extraordinary, but in fact, what for the industry should be called normality. The idea is to achieve, or just do (it isn't as hard as the others let on), this... and look bloody good doing it. The designs are fundamentally what we want to wear, what looks great, what makes you feel and look like a God. The sustainable aspect of this is only the by-product of an ethical supply chain.

So where are we at now?

The website is being built, models are eagerly anticipating their photographs to be taken, and the reception has been excellent. The suppliers, after being pestered with product changes for the last year have started manufacturing and there are already plans to invest further into GOTS certified cotton which will put James Thursby ahead of even the 'sustainable' product manufacturers.

The rant is over, but it is important for you to see why this is happening. Why I have risked it all, and that we aren't just a brand... but a lifestyle.