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About James Thursby...

 James Ashley-Carter, founder of the high-quality British clothing company James Thursby. James Thursby makes ethically made clothing. James Thursby.

James Thursby is a unique British lifestyle brand, with the aim of championing quality and sustainability in everything it does... and look bloody good doing it!
Frustrated by companies selling mundane clothing, with no real regard for its impact, inspiration came from the pub in Devon, nights in the city and living it up in the country side. This is where the realisation came from that clothes didn't just need to look good, but last. 
With the help of young designers and manufacturers who share our values of quality and sustainability, I am now introducing you to hours of research, touch and go moments and a life-long passion for clothing and the planet. This has all made worthwhile by creating the end result: The ultimate British lifestyle brand, and true to our word of being the epitome of ethical luxury.
James x