Sustainability Statement – James Thursby Ltd

Sustainability Statement

Transparency is the first step regarding sustainability. Who makes your clothes? What are they made out of? How are they packaged?


The following statement, and the actions of James Thursby, is how we are trying to be the leading brand when it comes to sustainability, and how we are doing this without sacrificing the quality of our products.


The building blocks of our clothing are fundamental to the success of the brand. Using organic cotton milled in the UK for all shirts, and prima cotton on t-shirts, our aim is for James Thursby products to last longer. Meaning you don’t need to replace them as frequently, therefore reducing waste and the environmental impact.


Our neck labels are made out of recycled polyester, meaning less polyester is thrown into the oceans and is instead reused on our products. The buttons are the same story, using manufacturers which make buttons out of recycled plastic. This doesn’t affect quality; only lessens the footprint our products have on the environment.


All shirts are made in the UK and our t-shirts are made in Asia along with the caps. Why? We needed to find the best people for the job, and even though this is global, all factories meet our values on ethics and quality to create the best product possible.


Packaging also needed to adhere to our values. With something that is designed to be thrown away, it was imperative for us to minimise the impact after it has done its job of protecting your item through the delivery process. There are no single use plastics involved at all, all of the material used are made from recycled paper (even the lovely sticker used to secure the recycled tissue paper together) and everything is there to be recycled, and be used once again.


We need, and want, to do more… much more… and as we grow we can, and we promise, to reflect your values. We have put our first foot on the ladder of sustainability, there is only one way we want to go and that is up! So hold us to this, if you think that we can do better contact me directly on


Using ethical supply chains and creating high quality and long-lasting products, I wanted to have as little impact on our planet as possible…


… And look bloody good doing it.


Kind Regards,


James Ashley-Carter

Founder of James Thursby